The Road to Barretstown, A Journey of Pride, Irish Pride

The Road to Barretstown, A Journey of Pride, Irish Pride

After humble beginnings in 2017 driving out the BallyEustace road delivering bread to Barretstown to support the ongoing costs to support terminally ill children attending their camps, Irish Pride are very proud of where their Journey is going with an incredible organisation. 

Underpinning the core values of their brand and at the heart of these values is the Irish Pride community. Serving a wide range of customers and helping a number of organisations each year, Irish Pride hold their community close to their hearts. Pride is exactly what this iconic brand has and 3 years ago this came to realisation. Since 2017, Irish Pride have generously provided their bakery products to Barretstown’s free, specially designed, residential camps that support children living with a serious illness and their families.

From the humble beginnings on the Bally Eustace road, onwards to the Barretstown castle and to becoming a charitable partner, Irish Pride have not looked back on giving back. By offering their support to the Press Play campaign, Irish Pride are now contributing to Barretstown being able to offer so many more children and their families the opportunity of “A serious fun camp” Barretstown with the sole emphasis on “Press Play”, a chance for families to focus on living again.

The support that Barretstown give to children and their families does not go unnoticed, but to develop their services to cater for more families each year, funding is always a focal point. Irish Pride are proud to be able to be involved in this journey and build on this over the years. So, why Barretstown? Irish Pride have had an association with Barretstown over the past few years and it is only through experiencing what they do every year did we decide on nominating them as our charity partner.  

With any charity that you align with your brand, you always look for the right fit. So, what does bread and Barretstown have in common, not much , but it is the community that is such a huge part of Irish Prides values as a brand, Apart from that, each year thousands of children attend Barretstown with their families and bread for sandwiches helps feed the children and the camp staff. Barretstown run many events throughout the year in barbecues, picnics and activity days all in which Irish Pride support with their products. From burger buns, hot dog rolls, bread and more, Irish Pride and Barretstown are truly a great fit for each other.