It’s a Matter of Pride Supporting others this Christmas

It’s a Matter of Pride Supporting others this Christmas

For most of us, life has been put on pause this year. 2020 has given us all a glimpse of what life is like for families who live with serious illness everyday across Ireland. From dealing with the fears of infection and missing out on normal life events such as meeting up with family and friends, attending birthday parties or even getting to go to school, these families know all-too-well the struggles we’ve been experiencing this year.

Before now, many of us will have taken these simple things for granted. But at Barretstown, we have known that childhood stops for seriously ill children for a long time. We know this because families tell us time and time again, that when a child is diagnosed with a serious illness – everything stops! With the continued support of Irish Pride, Barretstown can Press Play again for these families through our free, specially designed camps and programmes.

This Christmas Irish Pride are proud to be supporting families and children living with serious illness.

Their support ensures that children and families living with serious illness can continue to attend Barretstown, allowing them to access our programs at a time they need them most! While our gates are closed and our traditional camps have had to be postponed, many of our families are continuing to enjoy the life-changing benefits of our programme through our new Barretstown Live virtual camps. Campers can tune in from the comfort of their own homes and enjoy day-long programmes filled with fun and engaging activities, helping to keep a smile on their face through these challenging times.

Irish Pride do this because they understand that it is family and health – not expensive presents – that are the most important things we could ask for this Christmas. They understand how much Barretstown means to families like Tom Tom’s family. You can click here to read Tom Tom’s amazing Barretstown story and truly understand the impact support from companies like Irish Pride can have on families all over Ireland this Christmas.

If you are in a position to make a donation to support Barretstown this year you can visit their website at to learn more.