Irish Pride is Mums Favourite Back to School Companion

Irish Pride is Mums Favourite Back to School Companion


1. A little bit of everything:

Now we mean the healthy, stuff of course! The best thing to do here is look at the 5 main food types that contain the nourishment we all need and pick one item from each.  Therefore, your child is getting the nourishment they need and even if they want a meat or veggie free day, it’s ok to take a break.

Carbohydrates - Found in Irish Pride bread will ensure that energy and concentration levels are maintained to make sure they function is school throughout the day.

Protein – Found in Turkey, cheese and delicious hummus (Chickpeas) which helps them keep fuller and build their bodies up as they exercise. 

Fat – Good fat of course! omega 3’s, eggs, avocado and seeds as they are learning something new every day. This helps to maintain that magic brain muscle as they continue to absorb and process information every day.

Everything from the ground is good enough- Fruit and veg are well known for fighting and preventing illness. So, fill that sandwich with a mix of fruit or veg creating lots of colours. Get the little ones involved in creating their lunch, it is a sure path to getting them trying new things.

Hydrate and Replenish-And of course folks keep them hydrated with water as a first choice-think concentration.

All the above are important in their everyday diet packed into some wholesome bread. Remember folks mix it up, make it with pride, they will thank you in the end for sending them to school with delicious bites every day. #itsamatterofpride
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels