Irish Pride Dedicated to Giving Back

Irish Pride Dedicated to Giving Back

Irish Pride are passionate about baking fresh, tasty and healthy breads for families, but that’s not all they are passionate about. The Irish grown company are also incredibly passionate about giving back to communities and families across Ireland.

Passion is at the heart of everything they do, something that is clearly evident when it comes to our charity partnership , which they approach with so much passion and dedication, continuing to provide much-needed support each and every year. Our partnership with Irish Pride began in 2017 and since then, the relationship has gone from strength to strength as we continue to feed our hungry campers, families and volunteers alike. With each delivery and donation made to Barretstown, they are fulfilling their mission of giving back. They are helping to ensure that children and families living with serious illness can continue to attend Barretstown camp and access our free, specially designed camps and programmes.

But this year especially, with the challenges presented by COVID-19 and having to postpone many of our traditional camps and programmes, that support has meant so much more to us here at Barretstown.

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There is pride in giving back and Irish Pride acknowledge that it takes a community to build any business from the ground up.  People make a business and without the support of people there is no business, and this is why Irish Pride take pride in giving back.

When you build and connect with your customers in the community you realise that sometimes your customers may face many challenges in life that can make them less fortunate than the position you are in. This is why it is important to remember that the community that your business built needs the stable support to stay standing, and in turn you receive gratitude in abundance.

Irish Pride have been supporting Barretstown since 2017, but equally Barretstown have given so much to Irish Pride. Irish Pride have been given so many opportunities to display their products at many of the Barretstown events and we will look forward to the times ahead when the path clears to become involved in these events again.  #itsamatterofpride

Childhood stops for seriously ill children, but at Barretstown, we press play. At Irish Pride we are passionate about making this happen and are excited to continue to grow this partnership in the coming years.

Wherever you see Irish Pride and Barretstown pressing play, please support generously.

Interested in learning more about our charity partnership with Barretstown and how you can help us support families across Ireland. Contact us today  []