Celebrate National Toast Day

Celebrate National Toast Day

There is a national day for everything today and this Thursday, the last Thursday in February is no different. It is very relative to the baking industry as it is ‘National Toast Day’ The history of ‘National Toast Day’ began in the UK in 2014 by the Tiptree world bread awards which celebrates amateur and professional bread makers across the world, a coveted award given to a humble profession.

The humble slice of bread that is made into toast has so many varieties of uses and flavours. It can be coated in delicious preserves, or simply covered in melted butter or used as a dip to soak up all the extra goodness on your dinner plate. With the latest breakfast and lunch trends such as smashed avocado or smoked salmon becoming a part of a healthy eating diet, toast is well decorated today.

So, whether you like your toast a lighter shade of pale or the colour of midnight, its all in the toasting. So, let’s toast to toast today. Bite it, savour it, make it and love it. Create an artistic plate of toast today and share your images with us on Instagram and Facebook today.