The Irish Pride Bread Facts

Bread is the ultimate convenience food and it is packed full of nutritional goodness for your family. In fact, bread is one of the most versatile foods coming in all different shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Here are some of the great benefits we deliver to you in your Irish Pride breads.

A great fibre provider 

Wholemeal and Wholegrain breads are high in fibre but many people don’t realise that white bread is also a source of fibre!

Naturally low in fat 

Bread contains 3g of fat per 100g making it naturally low in fat

Naturally low in sugar

We do not add any sugar to our breads, any sugar found is naturally occurring from the flour

No hydrogenated vegetable oil

Irish Pride was the first bakery to remove hydrogenated vegetable oils from our breads

Our breads are kosher

This means they are suitable for vegetarian and vegans with the exception of the Irish Pride Sliced Brack

Irish Pride Bread Facts